Facebook's Sponsored Ads - Unlocked

Learn everything you need to know about Facebook's Sponsored Ads platform


When & Where?

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Ebene Junction,

Rue de la Democratie 

Ebene 80817






The investment for the one day training is Rs 6,900 only AND it is MQA approved! Up to 60% HRDC refund (HRDC conditions apply).


If you have any doubts, the subjects learnt in the session are equal to many months of trial and error, research and learning so you're actually saving much of your time and money!




The trainer, Chen Hindi, entered the professional online world in 2009. The combination of her education, retail experience, online knowledge and hands-on work (managed hundreds of campaigns on FB for dozens of clients in the last year only) assist her to “be in the shoes of” any business owner and provide industry related insightful advices and perspectives for growth. 

How Much?


"With more than 90 Million Pages and 5 Million Advertisers on FB, you need to know how to maximise every ad dollar spent"



Registration & Coffee

Good Morning and Nice to Meet You!

General Overview

Remarketing on Facebook
Custom, Lookalike and Saved audiences
Ad Don'ts
Ad Do's

Advanced tools, Do's and Don'ts

Build winning campaigns

Create smart campaigns on FB - from A to Z
Using Ad Sets
The different Ad Types
Targeting options
Estimate and choose your audiences

The different Ads Platform tools
Sponsored camapigns in Mauritius
Campaign types





“Of course I would recommend the training to others. Great learning experience and increase capacity to adopt new platforms and technology.””


Facebook's Sponsored Ads - Unlocked, March 2017


“I'm impressed! All my questions were answered, and I'm coming again for sure” (1st training)

“Always a pleasure!’” (2nd training) 


Intro to Facebook for Business, July 2016 & 

Facebook's Sponsored Ads - Unlocked, March 2017

“It was a great learning experience, particpation was encouraged and I recommend it as it's very helpful and interesting and can help greatly to improve marketing on FB”


Intro to Facebook for Business, August 2016 &

Facebook's Sponsored Ads - Unlocked, October 2016


Let's Talk!

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10:00-10:15 Tea/Coffee Break

12:15-1:15 Lunch Break

2:30-2:45 Tea/Coffee Break


Reports and analysis
Campaign optimization
The good, the bad and the ugly - Ad examples

Analysis, Optimisation and Examples

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